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We make the best custom surfboards. They are bold, dynamic and innovative. They bring happiness! To YOU. To us.  


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"Make a difference"


Who we are

We are all unique in our own way. And we all want different things from what our surfboard can do for us. You might want to do aggressive turns and throw buckets of spray, while your next door neighbor only chases big waves. And me? I just want to effortlessly glide on the ocean's surface all day long. K58 is here to recognize your unique surfing needs and create your best surfboard yet.

But while our surfing goals vary, we all chase the same feeling - the stoke! We all want to be happy and loved. And this is what makes us the same. So let's celebrate our differences, while acknowledging and trusting that we are one. 


How it all started

K58 Surf Designs is a custom surfboard design and production company founded in 2003 and located in San Diego, CA. All K58 surfboards are made by hand to meet the specific and unique needs of each customer. 

K58 started in James Mangano's workshop in his home, where he shaped his boards. He had a dream and he had a vision. Since then, the company has been involved in elaborate R&D research, partnered with several prominent team riders, and added an apparel line. And this is just the beginning! 

Your Shaper
Meet The Team

Meet The Team

James Mangano

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Myles Laine-Toner

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Marketing Coordinator

Lena Altman

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Brand Manager

James and Myle


Meet your Shaper! James' passion for the ocean and the sport of surfing is truly contagious. But most importantly, he has made it his life mission to positively contribute to people's lives, spread good vibes, and make a difference in everything he does. K58 was founded on these principles, and the company aims for nothing less. 

By trade, James was an auto body Technician, which he started doing at the age of 18 and retired from five years ago. James built his first board around 1975 and hasn't stopped since then. According to him, he is only starting! He strives for K58 to stay innovative and on the cutting edge of surfing technology. 


Myles and James met when Myles was a little grom. James has been his friend and mentor ever since, and Myles has remained loyal to K58 for all those years. As a professional surfer, who travels around the world and participates in WSL QS contests both in the U.S. and internationally, Myles is always proud to represent the brand wherever he goes. Recently, Myles has come on board as a Marketing Coordinator and he is excited to see K58 grow and reshape the surfing industry.


After graduating with a degree in Accounting and working as a Tax Analyst for several years, Lena wanted to find a new creative outlet that would allow her to apply business skills in a more meaningful way and give her work more purpose. This became possible after she met James and joined the K58 team. As a Brand Manager and through her passion for surfing and helping people, Lena continues to discover new ways to make a difference.

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