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What is the OTB Project? 

Definition: OTB (Outside The Box) means to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. The OTB project goals are to have unrestricted design boundaries with an attitude of "anything goes" mindset for exploring new concepts. 

The K58 OTB Project started in 2014 after being inspired by the work of Daniel Thomson, aka "Tomo", from Australia . It is more than popular opinion that Daniel is one of the most innovative and influential designers to date, admired for his gifted ability to think "outside of the box".

Following in his footsteps of "out of the box" thinking, I started my journey into the unknown, exploring new ways of designing surfboards. The GH-OTB model is the newest in the line of future-forward designs that our team rider Gus Hartman and I have been working on together for three years now.


This model has a deep concave running through the entire length of the bottom platform. It has a subtle entry concave, increasing to a maximum depth , going into a double concave, gradually elevating to a level plane six inches before the exit tail block. 

It also incorporates two channels at the nose entry and two channels at the tail exit. The deck is on the flat side of the spectrum going into tapered rails. In addition, the deck incorporates grip rails for added strength and better hold when pushing up as well  it offers an aesthetic value to the overall design. 

The GH-OTB model comes in EPS Epoxy construction, a 2.0 density foam EPS core, with either wood stringer or stringer-less. The stringer-less option is available in either carbon or hybrid basalt/innegra cloth.

The model is available in any color of choice. Here at K58 Surf Designs, we are not afraid of color, so feel free to ask for it on your new OTB model. Please contact us for further                                                                                     

  James Mangano

OTB  BOARD REVIEW                                                                  

 " This board is super fast and really fun in a wide range of conditions from 2 foot to several feet overhead . The shorter length is great in punchy beach breaks and the board fits into many sections my standard shortboard won't . It also works great in softer surf that I used to jump onto a groverler for . 


Growing up on a skateboard I thought this shape would be more fun on the sub-par days but was stoked to find out it performed equally well in solid hollow surf.  What surprised me most about this shape was the fact it surfed more like a performance shortboard than a fish but with all the benefits of a fish. It has a lot of drive off the rail, and James has the outline, tail, and rocker super dialed in. It’s easy to generate speed; the board flows through fat sections and holds in solid surf.  The OTB is now my go to board for anything from 2′- 8′.

I’m 5’9″ 170 lbs and surf an EPS/Epoxy 5’4 ½”  x 18 ½” OTB about 27 liters.  This board replaces my 5’5″ x 20″ round tail fish, 5’7″ x 19 ½” swallow fish and 5’11” round tail shortboard. I use large FCS II JW or GM fins in front and medium Performers in the back as a quad.  I’ve been surfing an OTB for the past 2 years and plan on getting another one this winter. 

If you’re looking to add an all-around super fun performance board to your quiver, I strongly recommend the OTB

Increase your stoke and get an OTB today!"

Gus Hartman 



Gus Hartman

OTB Model Review

Gus , your Ripping Bro !!!                   james 

PS: This board description still needs to be edited and revised .....              james 

OTB Project

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