2020 Design

Small Wave

The MLT Design was created for Myles Lane Toner and has been an on going board evolution for the last 10 years now. We are always making refinements , changing dimensions , outline , bottom contours, always trying to keep it simple by not going too far in any direction. Noticeable differences for the 2020 design is wider width forward of center , the outline is much more straighter , it doesn't have lots of radius through the mid-section, making it have more forward speed down the line, still having enough curve from nose to tail to make quick turns. Myles wanted this one to be for small waves so its really designed for speed as the main strong feature. This design just keeps evolving year after year, we still have a long way to go, making it better one board at a time !          

2011 Design

2013 Design

"all dogs go to heaven"

May 7 2011

"A Blast From The Past"