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" Mikey's Stuff is on it's way over "

 " Still under Construction , gathering more content , be right back  "


 " Mikey's  Custom has been evolving into a Solid everyday rider for the last 6 years now . It's been a lot of fun designing  this model with Mikey , we have been refining every aspect of the design to make it a great board for just about any condition . We determined to have a design that had a ton of drive and excellent control throughout high speed turns . We are really Stoked to offer this Model that will manage waves that have a little more power and down-the-line momentum   . Thanks Mikey for all your consistent feedback in the making of this cool board model . / Solid feel with Tons of drive / manages more powerful waves / Excellent control throughout turns "  Send us a massage for more details . Thank you !!

" Mikey out and about riding his Custom , it's   what    we do here at K58 ,  making your Dreams possible , that's    our mission   " 

 "The K58 Team would be Stoked to hear from you "

Thanks! Message sent.

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