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"I have been riding James's boards since I was 13 years old. The MC-9 came about when I went on a surf trip to Cloud 9 in the Philippines. I needed a board that would handle a hollow wave and hold a rail through high speed maneuvers. The board worked amazing the whole trip. I think I rode that same board for the  full two  weeks straight in really good waves. Coming back home and riding it around home, I found it still worked very well on the better days around  town and could still make it work on the smaller days. Now I have had a couple MC-9 boards since then and they are great. Really good for barrels and holding the rail without sliding out. This year I asked for a similar board that would be more geared to smaller waves and that has been a blast to ride. Being able to hold the rail as well as being able to slide the tail when needed."
Myles Laine-Toner

(James' notes) for the Team . 

 "CHECK OUT Myles surfing his MC-9 at CLOUD  9 on Siargao Island , Philippines "

 "Hey guys , you both have done an AWESOME job building the site , keep it up "          james 

 Board Dimensions 5'8 1/2 x 18 3/8   

 "Creating the MC-9   for Myles has been a journey in perfecting   a board design that would fit   Myles like a well made Italian suit .  We  wanted to have a board that   would ride the barrel well but still have   Great qualities of an everyday    driver , at home and across the world . This model has got Tons of drive and if you'd like to make  gouging turns  with buckets of spray it will handle it no worries . Starting with the outline , pretty simple except wider  in the nose and the center wide point moved forward . The bottom has got a moderate concave running throughout from nose to tail , deepest just before the fins going into a   double with   a slight V out the back . Overall the design has Great drive and control with  mountains of speed . This Model can be ordered in your dimensions to fit your preferences or made in stock  specifications  .   We  would be Stoked here at K58 to make you one of these . "    


MC-9 ,  High Performance Design

" Still under Construction , gathering more content , be right back "

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