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80/20 MODEL   

EVOLUTION OF THE 80/20 DESIGN  2007 - 2018 

GH 80/20           JM 80/20             50/50              CAPSULE #2         CAPSULE #1

The evolution of the 80/20 started in late 2007 with the first Capsule design  . The Capsule is a small board that is the closest design to a skateboard that I have ever designed to date so far . The Capsule was influenced by Channel Island Surfboards / Ci / release of the biscuit designed by Rob Machado which was the winner of the SIMA best surfboard of the year 2008 . This design was really the starting point for a whole new movement in shortboard design that in my personal opinion revolutionized modern high performance surfboard design like never before .


The Capsule is a design like the biscuit that  incorporates old design concepts with new one's making a perfect fusion . Riding a really small board gives you a new experience in wave riding because the board is so small everything is reduced to the essentials , making you feel like your almost barefoot surfing  . 

Riding the Capsule design exclusively for one year I started to feel the need to get back on a regular shortboard but i wanted to bring what I leaned from the Capsule with me on my design journey forward . Next came the 50/50 model , 50% Capsule , 50% high performance shortboard . This model still held on tightly to the Capsule concepts of being small , skateboard like , but more like an everyday high performance shape . The 50/50 is really a great blend of the two shapes and is a good all around rider .


Still after riding the 50/50 I wanted to go even further forward bringing both boards with me to design the next one . Next in line came the 80/20 , 80% high performance shortboard , 20% Capsule ,  which is still a standard in 2018 . The JM 80/20 is my personal board that I made in polyurethane / PU / , it is really a balanced shape because of its neutral feel , not too extreme in any design features . The bottom rocker profile is more relaxed with more width forward in the outline .


The new 2018 GH 80/20 is once again moving forward in its ongoing evolution to make it better than ever before . The 2018 model has got a new different construction added . This one has got an 2.0 EPS  stringer-less  density core with a carbon rail wrap . It also incorporates grip rails on the deck to add strength and better hand grip when pushing up . Please contact us for further details , follow this design as the evolution continues . Thank you !                  james      

GH 80/20 MODEL / NEW 2018 


 Great design has beauty and is innovative , it has value and outstanding function , it is self-explanatory . Great design is honest , it does not attempt to promise something it can't do , it just doesn't look good but really works .  Great design has excellent sustainability meaning built to last with best intentions having an eco-friendly footprint  .       

A great design adds value , makes something better . Superb design is the simplest , less is more is it's motto  . Great design is a celebration of life , it transcends the predetermined restrictions created by all of us , reaching out beyond those self-imposed boundaries , timeless . Great design gives one a feeling of confidence and security .  


Great design is enchanting with unlimited beauty , mesmerizing to behold , captivating the beholder at every moment . Our mission at K58 is to emulate design found in nature , to capture it's beauty in the products we create . We determine to bring meaning and value to everything we design for our customers today and in the future . Making uniquely handcrafted surfboards , surf related hardware and apparel is our committed goal  without compromise .        

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Dale Collins / 5'6 Capsule 

Ricky Schaffer / 5'3 Capsule 

Myles Laine-Toner / 4'10 Capsule

Glen Voit / 5'5 Capsule 

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